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A ProleSoft project.

Adding Resources

First please search db.yml to make sure what you want to add isn’t already in there. If it is, and you couldn’t find it because the tags were incomplete or incorrect or the title or description were incorrect, please change those instead.

Otherwise, add your links to the bottom of db.yml. This is the type of a resource:

interface Resource {
  href: string
  title: string
  tags: string[]
  description?: string
  excerpts?: string[]

An example would be:

resources: # this line is already there, needs to stay at the top
  - href:
    title: Example Domain
    description: It's an Example # description is optional
      - best
      - website
    excerpts: # this list is optional
      - This domin is for use in illustrative examples in documents.


Prerequisites: Node LTS or Latest, npm, Docker, Docker Compose

git clone
npm run install-all
npm start

You can also develop without Docker. You’ll need Node LTS or Latest and npm. Note this is not recommended, running with Docker Compose is easier.

git clone
npm run install-all
# Edit proxy in package.json to be http://localhost:9090
cd server
npm start
# In another terminal
cd client
npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000

Building and Running

npm run install-all
npm run build
cd server && npm start

Check out http://localhost:9090

See this doc for details on deploying, running in Docker, and running in Kubernetes.


  • First, make sure your changes are good. You can run npm t in the project root to just run all the tests, or run npm run build in project root to run tests and build for production (important to verify if you’re making changes to the build setup or dependencies).
  • In the project root, run npm version patch, then git push origin master --follow-tags. The project will be deployed by Circle.


See CONTRIBUTING and the open issues.

There’s also a mirror for those who would rather not use GitHub, and patches can be emailed directly to

Credits and Tech

Built with React, Koa, TypeScript, Lowdb, Node, and Docker. Hosted on DigitalOcean. A portion of the front-end code is copy-pasted from Asperitas (MIT licensed).